This week at Fairburn View, all year groups have been taking part in a number of different activities and experiments related to this year’s theme: growth. We have carried out an experiment throughout school to investigate how our bodies grow as we get older, by measuring our arms, hands and heads from Nursery all the way up to Year 6! We have also been lucky enough to have Professor Brainstorm as a visitor and show us some amazing science in action! Here is how science week has looked across the different year groups this week in school:


Nursey enjoyed a fun filled week! We watched Professor Brainstorm wow us in his sound and light show; took part in the whole school experiment where we measured our heads, arms and hands; and also learnt about life cycles with the chicks that have recently hatched in our class! Finally, we were lucky enough to make our own egg on toast!



As well as enjoying an amazing light and sound show by Professor Brainstorm and taking part in the whole school experiment, UFS also participated in an experiment about growth. We did this by building cardboard structures by slotting different shapes together. We had to consider which shapes balance the best and which of the shapes can slot together the easiest!


Year 1

This week in Year 1, we have been measuring the size of our heads, hands and arms and we compared this to the rest of the school, as well as watching Professor Brainstorm’s fantastic forces show. We have also made our own seed bombs. We looked at how seeds grow into plants and how plants are vital for everything to grow (and had a lot of fun doing so!) We also had some very special visitors into our class this week: chicks! We were lucky enough to hold them and talk about how they have changed and grown.


Year 2

Year 2 have shown themselves to be brilliant scientists this week! The length of a shark and it’s age are linked, so we investigated whether the same applies to Year 2 children. We measured our heights and recorded our ages to see if there was a link, before comparing our results. We also loved Professor Brainstorm’s workshop!

Year 3

Year 3 looked at how growth is all around us, and how Mars rovers are being used to explore the possibilities of life being on Mars! As well as loving torr afternoon with Professor Brainstorm, Year 3 also looked at designing a creature that could live on Mars and had to take into account the temperature and terrain on Mars, and what it would need to survive.

Year 4

Year 4 have learnt about life cycles this week. We looked at the life cycles of a number of different organisms, including butterflies, humans and chickens. To explore part of the life cycle of a chicken, we had some special visitors in Year 4 to help us – can you guess who they were from the pictures below? We then built on our knowledge to create our own life cycle of an organism of our choosing.


Year 5

This week, Year 5 have carried out a number of different activities, including the Mission to Mars show from Professor Brainstorm. We approached growth in a slightly different way, by looking at the emissions released vehicles driving to different locations around Airedale. We investigated whether there will be growth in the number of people who walk or cycle around the local area in the near future.


Year 6

In addition to carrying out the whole school experiment and the show from Professor Brainstorm, Year 6 have also learnt about how antibodies help your body fight a virus. We created some amazing virus and antibody origami, where we created a virus, followed by an antibody that fit onto the virus which shows how certain antibodies can fight specific infections.