Fairburn View Primary School  

School Uniform Policy 


The Department for Education (DfE) strongly encourages schools to have a school uniform. This policy sets out the school’s approach to uniform and confirms the school’s commitment to providing value for money to parents and ensuring that no pupils is discriminated against due to their gender, disability, religion or belief or economic circumstances or social and cultural background.  

The school uniform helps ensure that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome.  It helps to protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurtures cohesion, promoting good relations between different groups of pupils.  Above all, the school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.  

The policy follows the DfE statutory guidance @Cost of school uniforms’, published 19 November 2021. 

Aims and Objectives 

Our school uniform : 

  1. Promotes a sense of pride in the school in line with our ethos that We can and We Will because We are Brilliant 
  2. Engenders a sense of identity and belonging towards the school community 
  3. Supports positive behaviour and discipline 
  4. Is practical and smart 
  5. Makes students feel equal and encourages cohesion 
  6. Has been designed with health and safety in mind 
  7. Support sustainability 

The school uniform is: 

(Optional) Green jumper or cardigan with optional school logo

(Required) Grey polo shirt with optional school logo

(Required) Grey or black skirt, trousers or shorts

(Required) Black pumps or similar for indoor use

(Optional) Green summer dresses (Summer term)

The School PE kit should be brought in a bag on your child’s allocated PE day and time will be given for changing into PE kit prior to the lesson. 

The PE kit is: 

(Required) Navy polo shirt with optional logo

(Required) Black shorts

(Required) Suitable trainers


Year 6 have a swimming lesson once a week as part of their PE entitlement. 

The swimming kit is: 








No logos or branding (other than the school logo) should be displayed on any uniform 


Where to buy 

The school takes into account cost and value for money when considering where parents may purchase items of school uniform which contain the school logo. 

The items which bear the school logo can be purchased from local schoolswear shop in Castleford. 

Plain items without the school logo may be purchased from any major retail store eg large supermarkets. 


Recycling Scheme 

The school does also encourage parents to recycle their clothes and at the end of the year to bring in any uniform with or without logo which other families could use.  We support the local clothing bank at Airedale Methodist Church. We encourage parents to visit there to find the school uniform, good winter coats and other items of children’s clothes. 


Equal Opportunities 

The school is committed to promoting equality and ensuring this policy does not discriminate unlawfully. 

Reasonable adjustments will be made to the uniform policy where it places a disabled pupil at a substantial disadvantage compared to pupils who are not disabled. 

The school ensure that that its uniform is gender neutral and inclusive as possible. 

Some religions and beliefs may require their members to conform to a specific dress code. The school does not discriminate against any religion or belief and will endeavour to allow religious requirements to be met where possible. 

Any request by a parent or pupil for any particular religious item to be worn, or any request for a change to the uniform policy, shall be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Headteacher. 


The school does not allow children to wear jewellery apart from a sensible wrist watch or one pair of small ear-ring studs in pierced ears that must be removed by pupils for PE or any practical lessons and pupils must be able to remove them independently.  These measures are due to health and safety reasons and to ensure no personal items are lost or stolen.   

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil not the school.  The school accepts no responsibility or liability for any lost or damaged items.