Fairburn View is rated a GOOD school. (December 2023)

The quality of education : GOOD

Behaviour and attitudes : GOOD

Personal Development : GOOD

Leadership and Management : GOOD

Early years provision : GOOD

We are proud of our school and of the comments that pupils, parents and other visitors to school make to us.  See below for our OFSTED reports and some quotes from these:

  • Fairburn View is a warm and nurturing school.(2023)
  • The school inspires all pupils and helps them to succeed.(2023)
  • The school has high expectations of what pupils can achieve.(2023)
  • Pupils thoroughly enjoy learning.(2023)
  • There are vary caring, working relationships between staff and pupils.(2023)
  • The school ensures pupils have many opportunities to broaden their personal development.(2023)
  • Pupils are happy and safe(2023)
  • The school’s curriculum is ambitious, including for pupils with SEND.(2023)
  • Pupils value everyone’s differences.(2023)
  • The school has a clear mission which is to improve the life chances of it’s pupils. (2023)
  • Because pupils enjoy school, most attend every day and miss very little school. Leaders work tirelessly to improve the attendance of those pupils who are persistently absent.
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Routines and rules are well established. All adults manage behaviour exceptionally well. Adults are consistent in the way that they enforce the rules and use sanctions. They reward pupils for good behaviour and attitudes.
  • Adults actively promote positive behaviour. They behave in a way that they want pupils to behave. Consequently, pupils smile and exhibit good manners. They say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and hold doors open for each other.
  • Adults are adept at working with pupils who present challenging behaviour. Staff are well trained in how to de-escalate challenging situations. The number of serious behaviour incidents is low.
  • All adults are single-minded in helping to create a ‘can-do’ culture. They celebrate achievements and build pupils’ self-esteem and confidence. Pupils develop resilience and independence. They take pride in the presentation of their work.
  • Pupils enjoy school. They are welcomed warmly each day by the staff and all are invited each day for breakfast. The day gets off to a positive start and everybody is ready to learn.
  • Exceptionally positive relationships between adults and pupils, along with energetic, engaging teaching, secure full involvement, concentration and hard work from pupils.
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment has improved substantially since the school opened, bringing about a quickening in the rate of pupils’ progress. Some teaching is very strong indeed. Across the school, teachers set high expectations for pupils’ learning.
  • Teachers are adept at planning for pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities. Teachers provide extra resources and support the pupils in a way that helps them work independently, rather than always relying on help from an adult. As a result, these pupils are making good progress.
  • Staff are vigilant in looking out for, and reporting, signs that pupils may be at risk of harm. Leaders keep a meticulous record of these concerns. They record, in detail, all decisions and discussions with parents, pupils and external professionals so that they can be sure that everything possible is being done to help pupils in need. They are persistent in seeking external help where it is not forthcoming.


Thank you very much for your support.  We appreciate your support for the work we do in school for your child.  If you could spare 5/10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire, it would help us greatly.  Views of parents are important to us and to Ofsted in seeing what we are doing well as well as what we can improve.  Anything specific that requires a response, please do contact school as normal.

You need to create a login, but it is a quick process.  There are 15 quick questions that you can click your level of agreement with and space at the end if you want to add anything else.
Thank you again for taking the time to do this, we work extremely hard for all our children and are grateful for the support and feedback.  Not every day is easy and positivity of the pupils and parents is a huge boost for us all.

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Fairburn View Primary School is a good rated school. Find the latest OFSTED report below.  In December 2023, we were rated as GOOD.

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