Here is everything we are learning this half term:


If you would like to know anything else about your child’s learning please contact Mrs Greatorex or Mrs McMilan -Spink.

You will find further information about the curriculum here: National curriculum – GOV.UK (

This is our timetable:



We like to plan lots of enrichment opportunities – here is what we have planned so far – this is a working document and will be updated throughout the year.

Home Learning & self isolation

If your child is displaying symptoms of COVID 19, please keep them at home until a PCR test has been completed and please contact school, immediately.

If you are unsure whether this applies to you, stay at home and contact school, we will best advise you.

Parents, please remember that it is your responsibility to keep up with your child’s education whilst they are isolating – your child class teacher will email you with all remote learning details.


Things to Remember

Our school day starts at 8:30, doors are open from 8:25, during the first 15 minutes, pupils complete morning work – this is a really important time as we work specifically on reading skills and fine motor skills.

PE – Please wear your PE kit to school on Monday and Wednesday.
Homework – All homework is set on a Monday to be handed in on a Friday. This includes reading 3 times a week, a spelling activity linked to the words learning in school and a Maths sheet that supports learning. Parents we really appreciate your support with this.


Reading at Fairburn View Primary School

There is a focus on reading across school and there is huge benefits to children reading at home. As part of school policy, we ask for children to read at least 3x at home and this is signed by a parent. You can help your children by listening to them read, but also checking their comprehension and understanding of the text. Ask the questions about what they have just read, what they think will happen next and explain what they think of the books they are reading. It is important for children to read a range of texts as this makes them well rounded excellent readers.

Inside school, children have a daily guided reading session in which they have opportunity to have adult based and independent reading activities.


Parent Partnerships
We welcome any opportunities for parents to share their skills and knowledge, please speak to one of the teachers if you would like to offer your skills in school.

Thank you for your support.

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Christmas Party 2017Year 5 have had a great time this afternoon at their Christmas party. There was …2017/12/202017-12-20 15:13:48
Wonder – Cinema ExperienceToday year 5 had a private viewing of the new film Wonder. After reading the …2017/12/192017-12-19 17:47:28
Talk For WritingYear 5 have been learning a Christmas story, set in Narnia. It was a gruesome …2017/12/122017-12-12 08:40:10
History of ChristmasYear 5 student’s had a great time exploring the history of Christmas. Our two visitors …2017/12/052017-12-05 11:05:07
Stockeld ParkStockeld Park   As part of Year 5’s writing, based on C.S. Lewis’ Novel set …2017/11/232017-11-23 10:34:03
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Black History DayTo celebrate Black History month, year 5 spent a day leaning about significant historical figures. …2017/10/232017-10-23 10:45:36
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Fidget SpinnersYear 5 have been persuading Year 5 teachers why they should be allowed fidget spinners …2017/06/192017-06-19 14:44:34

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