Welcome to Year 3

Things to Remember

PE Kit

Please wear your PE kit to school on Tuesday and Thursday.


Spellings will be handed out on a Monday.  Please return spelling books on a Friday.

School Dinners
If you require a school dinner, you can order them from the school grid app.



Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 3.

You can click the link below for additional information regarding the National Curriculum for Year 3.



Times Table Rockstars

Children have their own log in and can access their times tables.

TT Rockstars (you can also download an app from the App Store or Google Play)


White Rose Maths

Each maths lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.



French and Music in Year 3


Reading at Fairburn View Primary School

Phonics: Your child will learn to read following the ‘Sounds Write’ Programme. This programme is designed to support the rigorous and systematic approach to teaching synthetic phonics.  Our caring teaching staff plan exciting lessons to meet the needs of all individual children.


There is a focus on reading across school and there is huge benefits to children reading at home. As part of school policy, we ask for children to read at least 3x at home and this is signed by a parent. You can help your children by hearing them read, but also checking their comprehension. Ask the questions about what they have just read, what they think will happen next and explain what they think of the books they are reading. It is important for children to read a range of texts as this makes them well rounded excellent readers.

Inside school, children have a daily guided reading session in which they have opportunity to have adult based and independent reading activities.

We appreciate your help and support in the matter.


Parent Partnerships

We welcome any opportunities for parents to share their skills and knowledge.
Please listen to your child read at home every day and record this in your child’s planner.

Thank you for your support.

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