Welcome to Reception!

This is our timetable:


Spend a morning with us in Reception and see how much we learn!

Look at the progress we have made in our review writing from September to March:


We are brilliant mathematicians and learn lots during our maths lessons and in provision time:

The children love our provision and have a lot of fun learning through play!


We have a rich learning environment and enhance the areas with books, vocabulary and challenges.


Each term we aim to enhance the children’s learning with trips, visits and activities from the ’50 Things to do Before You’re 5′ guidance. Have a look what we have planned for the year!

Click the link below for additional information regarding the National Curriculum for Reception or have a chat with Mrs Payne, Mrs Slater or Miss White. Please see the Early Learning Goal progression maps below and on the EYFS subject page for a breakdown of skills the children will be learning.


Things to Remember

PE Kit

Please wear your PE kit to school on Wednesday.


School Dinners
If you are are wanting a school dinner, you can order them from the school grid app.


Reading at Fairburn View Primary School

Phonics: Your child will learn to read following the ‘Sounds Write’ Programme. This programme is designed to support the rigorous and systematic approach to teaching synthetic phonics.  Our caring teaching staff plan exciting lessons to meet the needs of all individual children.


There is a focus on reading across school and there is huge benefits to children reading at home. As part of school policy, we ask for children to read at least 3x at home and this is signed by a parent. You can help your children by hearing them read, but also checking their comprehension. Ask the questions about what they have just read, what they think will happen next and explain what they think of the books they are reading. It is important for children to read a range of texts as this makes them well rounded excellent readers.

Inside school, children have a daily guided reading session in which they have opportunity to have adult based and independent reading activities.

We appreciate your help and support in the matter.


Parent Partnerships

We welcome any opportunities for parents to share their skills and knowledge.
Please listen to your child read at home every day and record this in your child’s planner.

Thank you for your support.

Early Learning Goal Breakdown and Progression

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World Bee DayWe had the best time celebrating World Bee Day! As part of our topic, ‘Growing …2022/05/212022-05-21 16:00:37
Creating flower numbers in the outdoor classroomThis half term we have been learning to count and order numbers to 20. We …2022/05/132022-05-13 13:15:40
Reception’s Ledston Woodland TripToday we went on a trip to the Ledston Estate! When we arrived we met …2022/04/292022-04-29 15:57:44
Easter Bunny Sponsored Hop!We were visited by the Easter Bunny this morning… he left clues for us to …2022/04/082022-04-08 12:38:03
Easter Bonnet ParadeThe children all looked wonderful in their Easter bonnets, thank you for all your hard …2022/04/062022-04-06 15:07:56
Our Pig Picnic!This week, we have been learning all about pigs as part of our farm topic. …2022/03/252022-03-25 14:13:39
Arla Milk VisitWe had a visit from a real dairy farmer who came to talk to us …2022/03/112022-03-11 16:21:46
Reception’s Cannon Hall Farm TripWe have had a wonderful day at the farm, learning about all the different animals. …2022/03/112022-03-11 16:04:02
World Book Day in ReceptionWORLD BOOK DAY We have had a fantastic World Book Day – the children have …2022/03/102022-03-10 07:29:30
Jungle Learning in the Outdoor ClassroomThis week we have been learning about the jungle. We spent the morning at the …2022/01/142022-01-14 15:07:32
Fizzy Finn Finds His FeetWe had a lovely time watching a show this morning. We learnt about different emotions …2021/12/032021-12-03 15:43:06
UFS visit the Santa Train!The children have had a wonderful time on our school trip! We talked about ways …2021/12/022021-12-02 14:34:55
Superhero Fun Run!Our superheroes were brilliant yesterday! They ran, crawled, climbed, slid, balanced and weaved their way …2021/11/132021-11-13 10:04:48
Fantastic maths!We are learning all about the number two this week and have been doing some …2021/11/122021-11-12 12:41:24
Remembrance DayWe watched the Cbeebies poppy animation to help us understand why we have Remembrance Day, …2021/11/122021-11-12 12:25:25
Fairburn View Fun Day!Here is a little video and photos of what we got up to on our …2021/07/222021-07-22 10:29:57
Bubble wands in the outdoor classroom!We love learning in our outdoor classroom! Today, we visited forest school and searched for …2021/07/162021-07-16 09:41:33
UFS Save the Arts DaysWe have had a fantastic two days learning all about the arts. We have learnt …2021/07/092021-07-09 11:04:51
7.7.21 UFS Physical Development: Heartbeat7.7.21 Physical Development WALT – Can you track your heartbeat? Complete the activities to track …2021/07/072021-07-07 12:04:52
7.7.21 UFS Maths: Complete a two step repeating pattern7.7.21 Maths WALT – Complete a two step repeating pattern. Good Morning Reception, Try to …2021/07/072021-07-07 10:15:44
7.7.21 UFS English: Write facts about ourselves.7.7.21 English WALT – Write facts about ourselves Next week we are going to write …2021/07/072021-07-07 08:46:48
7.7.21 UFS Phonics7.7.21 English – Phonics PHONICS WEDS2021/07/072021-07-07 07:46:42
6.7.21 UFS Creative: Labelling a police car6.7.21 Creative WALT – Labelling a police car Can you draw a police car, look …2021/07/062021-07-06 13:00:17
6.7.21 UFS Maths: Complete a two step repeating pattern6.7.21 Maths WALT – Complete a two step repeating pattern. Good Morning Reception, Try to …2021/07/062021-07-06 11:00:21
6.7.21 UFS English: Using question words6.7.21 English WALT – Using question words This morning for English, following on from yesterdays …2021/07/062021-07-06 09:31:39
6.7.21 UFS Phonics6.7.21 English – Phonics PHONICS TUES2021/07/062021-07-06 07:45:03
Making Clay Hedgehogs at Forest SchoolWe had a wonderful time at Forest School on Friday. We read the book ‘The …2021/07/042021-07-04 11:48:21
UFS Sports Afternoon 2021Upper Foundation Stage had a really fun afternoon doing sports. We did running races along …2021/06/242021-06-24 12:35:24
Please find some photos of our children using computers:2021/04/292021-04-29 13:14:33
19.3.21 UFS Healthy Relationships – Red Nose Day: Helping Others19.3.21 HR Red Nose Day – Helping Others Today is Red Nose Day! The charity …2021/03/192021-03-19 12:51:58
19.3.21 UFS Maths: Pirate addition!19.3.21 Maths WALT – Add 2 numbers together Ahoy there! It’s Friday yippee!! As a …2021/03/192021-03-19 09:50:16
18.3.21 StorytimeEnjoy today’s story YUCK! read by Mrs Slater …2021/03/182021-03-18 14:30:51
18.3.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Symmetrical Butterflies18.3.21 KUW WALT – Create a butterfly with symmetrical wings Yesterday we learnt all about …2021/03/182021-03-18 12:50:30
18.3.21 UFS Maths: Add 2 numbers together18.3.21 Maths WALT – Add 2 numbers together This morning, we will be solving addition …2021/03/182021-03-18 10:00:39
18.3.21 UFS English: Spell CVC words18.3.21 English WALT – Spell CVC words This morning for English, we would like you …2021/03/182021-03-18 08:08:45
17.3.21 Storytime with Mrs PalmerEnjoy this afternoon’s spring story read by Mrs Palmer and her furry friend!2021/03/172021-03-17 14:30:29
17.3.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: The frog’s life cycle17.3.21 KUW Topic: WALT – Order the parts of the frog’s life cycle As part …2021/03/172021-03-17 12:50:28
17.3.21 UFS Maths: Add using the part part whole method17.3.21 Maths WALT – Add using the part part whole method Morning Reception, For maths …2021/03/172021-03-17 09:50:10
17.3.21 UFS English: Match rhyming words17.3.21 English WALT – Match rhyming words Morning Upper Foundation! Today for English we would …2021/03/172021-03-17 08:50:08
16.3.21 Storytime with Miss DwyerEnjoy storytime this afternoon with Miss Dwyer. Shark in the park on a windy day …2021/03/162021-03-16 14:30:04
16.3.21 Physical Development: Balance16.3.21 PE WALT: Balance Today, we would like you to have a go at moving …2021/03/162021-03-16 12:50:30
16.3.21 UFS Maths: Add 2 numbers together16.3.21 Maths: WALT – Add 2 numbers together Today we will be looking at adding …2021/03/162021-03-16 09:50:31
16.3.21 UFS English: Retell a poem16.3.21 English: WALT – Retell a poem This week is innovate week! In school we …2021/03/162021-03-16 08:50:51
15.3.21 Storytime – Oi Frog!Our English topic at the moment is poetry and it is all based around the …2021/03/152021-03-15 14:38:45
UFS Remote Learning Timetable – Wk 15th March 2021We will begin teaching remotely from tomorrow, Tuesday 16th March 2021. ALL children are expected …2021/03/152021-03-15 11:51:51
UFS HomeworkGood afternoon Upper Foundation Parents/Carers As usual, Homework is going to be set every Thursday …2021/03/112021-03-11 15:19:21
Oi Frog!We are starting a new book in English – we will be learning the poem …2021/03/102021-03-10 08:42:03
5.3.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Topic – Signs of Spring5.3.21 KUW – Topic: Signs of Spring On Monday, we went on a Spring walk …2021/03/052021-03-05 12:50:37
5.3.21 Maths: Time5.3.21 Maths: Time Today we are learning about time. One of the things that we …2021/03/052021-03-05 08:50:40
4.3.21 Creative: Art&DT: Make a daffodil4.3.21 Creative: Art & DT – Make a daffodil This afternoon, we would love for …2021/03/042021-03-04 13:09:32
World Book Day 2021 (part 1) – UFSToday we have celebrated World Book Day at school! In Upper Foundation, we have taken …2021/03/042021-03-04 11:48:15
4.3.21 – Maths: Measuring Height4.3.21 Maths: Measuring Height Just like yesterday, we are going to measure using non-standard units. …2021/03/042021-03-04 08:50:52
3.3.21 Storytime with Mr Armstrong3.3.21 Enjoy today’s story with Mr Armstrong!2021/03/032021-03-03 14:20:42
3.3.21 Maths: Measuring Length3.3.21 Maths: Measuring Length When we measure, we can use a ruler or a tape …2021/03/032021-03-03 08:50:41
2.3.21Storytime with Miss TateEnjoy today’s short story with Miss Tate!2021/03/022021-03-02 14:30:45
2.3.21 Physical Development – PE2.3.21 PD – PE: Cosmic Yoga This week we will be celebrating World Book Day. …2021/03/022021-03-02 13:06:03
2.3.21 Maths: Make a matching pair2.3.21 Maths: Make a matching pair This morning, we would like you to continue looking …2021/03/022021-03-02 08:50:13
1.3.21 Storytime with Mrs PoolEnjoy today’s story read by Mrs Pool …2021/03/012021-03-01 14:32:10
1.3.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Topic: Spring Walk1.3.21 KUW: Topic – Spring Walk This term, our new topic is called Growing and …2021/03/012021-03-01 12:50:09
1.3.21 Maths: Making a Pair1.3.21 Maths: Making a Pair For the next couple of days, we will be looking …2021/03/012021-03-01 08:50:27
Remote Learning Timetable – Wk 1st March 2021Here is your remote learning timetable for next week – our final week remote learning …2021/02/262021-02-26 14:00:21
26.2.21 Religious Education: Lent: Acts of Kindness26.1.21 RE: Lent: Acts of Kindness In the lead up to Easter we have a …2021/02/262021-02-26 12:50:40
26.2.21 English: Write a diary26.2.21 English: Write a diary Complete and upload your diaries for the past week. We …2021/02/262021-02-26 08:50:08
25.2.21 Storytime with Miss DwyerEnjoy this afternoon’s story, read by Miss Dwyer …2021/02/252021-02-25 14:20:17
25.2.21 Phonics Challenge!25.2.21 Phonics Challenge Can you find objects in your house that start with the same …2021/02/252021-02-25 12:50:47
25.2.21 English: Write a Diary25.2.21 English: Write a diary Continue with your diaries today. Here is a reminder of …2021/02/252021-02-25 08:50:13
24.2.21 Storytime with Mrs PayneA lovely moon related book this afternoon, read by Mrs Payne. Hope you enjoy it …2021/02/242021-02-24 14:20:36
24.2.21 English: Write a Diary24.2.21 English: Write a diary Continue with your diaries today. Can you draw a picture? …2021/02/242021-02-24 08:50:16
23.2.21 Storytime with Mrs PalmerMrs Palmer is reading you one of her favourite stories this afternoon! Let’s see what …2021/02/232021-02-23 14:20:15
23.2.21 – Physical Development: PE with Mr Owen23.2.21 PD: PE with Mr Owen This afternoon, Mr Owen has prepared a PE lesson …2021/02/232021-02-23 12:50:12
23.2.21 English: Write a diary23.1.21 English: Write a diary Continue with your diaries today. Can you write a sentence …2021/02/232021-02-23 08:50:49
22.1.21 Storytime with Mrs SlaterA story read by Mrs Slater that links to our moon work! https://studio.youtube.com/video/5xxYTWHNSFc/edit2021/02/222021-02-22 14:20:43
Moon Sand RecipeOPTIONAL TASK Seen as we are looking at the moon this week, why not have …2021/02/222021-02-22 13:30:58
22.2.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Science: Moon Diaries22.2.21 KUW – Science: Moon Diaries Our topic for the week is diaries. For science, …2021/02/222021-02-22 12:50:31
English: Writing a diary22.2.21 English: Writing a diary This week for English, we have a week long project …2021/02/222021-02-22 09:07:47
Remote Learning Timetable – Wk 22nd FebruaryWelcome Back Upper Foundation! We hope you have had a fantastic half term and are …2021/02/222021-02-22 09:01:15
11.2.21 Storytime with Mrs HerbertA great story read by Mrs Herbert today. We hope your enjoy it!2021/02/112021-02-11 14:20:00
11.2.21 Topic: Make a snowflake11.2.21 Topic/Art&DT: Make a snowflake This afternoon we are going to have some fun making …2021/02/112021-02-11 12:50:34
11.2.21 Maths: Comparing Capacity11.2.21 Maths: Comparing Capacity Today, we would like you to sort the different pictures into …2021/02/112021-02-11 08:50:07
10.2.21 Storytime with Mr ArmstrongWe love it when Mr Armstrong reads us a story! Enjoy his story today …2021/02/102021-02-10 14:20:28
10.2.21 Maths: Comparing Capacity10.2.21 Maths: Comparing Capacity Today we are looking at capacity. We would like you to …2021/02/102021-02-10 08:50:09
9.2.21 Storytime with Mrs PoolEnjoy today’s story, read by Mrs Pool …2021/02/092021-02-09 14:20:01
9.2.21 Physical Development: PE with Mrs Payne9.2.21 PD PE with Mrs Payne This afternoon, Mrs Payne is teaching you PE whilst …2021/02/092021-02-09 12:50:02
9.2.21 Maths: Compare Mass9.2.21 Maths: Compare Mass Yesterday, we looked at weighing different items to see which was …2021/02/092021-02-09 08:50:39
8.2.21 Storytime with Miss TateA fab story from Miss Tate today! We hope you enjoy it …2021/02/082021-02-08 14:20:56
8.2.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Topic: Dressing for winter8.2.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World Topic: Dressing for winter It is very important that …2021/02/082021-02-08 12:50:42
8.2.21 Maths: Comparing Mass8.2.21 Maths: Comparing Mass This morning, we would like you to have a go at …2021/02/082021-02-08 08:50:17
Remote Learning Timetable – Wk 8th FebHere is your Remote Learning Timetable for next week. Daily zoom sessions will continue at …2021/02/052021-02-05 15:00:39
5.2.21 Storytime with Miss DickinsonMiss Dickinson has a lovely story for you this afternoon! Enjoy …2021/02/052021-02-05 14:28:57
5.2.21 Creative: Art & DT: Making Rainbows5.2.21 Creative: Art & DT: Making Rainbows To finish our week that has been filled …2021/02/052021-02-05 12:30:14
Rainbow fun in Upper Foundation – 5.2.21This week, in school and in our remote learning we have been looking at rainbows …2021/02/052021-02-05 12:26:34
5.2.21 Speaking & Listening: A Puppet Show5.2.21 S&L: A Puppet Show This morning, we would like you to practice your speaking …2021/02/052021-02-05 08:50:29
4.2.21 Storytime with Miss DwyerEnjoy today’s story read by Miss Dwyer2021/02/042021-02-04 14:25:37
4.2.21 Knowledge & Understanding of the World: Topic – Ordering the colours of the rainbow4.2.21 KUW: Topic – Ordering the colours of the rainbow Can you order the colours …2021/02/042021-02-04 12:50:35
4.2.21 English: Choose the correct verb4.2.21 English: Choose the correct verb Today, we would like you to have a go …2021/02/042021-02-04 08:50:16
3.2.21 Storytime with Mrs PayneYou will LOVE today’s story read by Mrs Payne!2021/02/032021-02-03 14:20:02
3.2.21 English: Read and write imperative verbs3.2.21 English: Read and write imperative verbs When reading or writing instructions, you will come …2021/02/032021-02-03 08:50:11
2.2.21 Storytime with Mrs PalmerMrs Palmer loves this story! As children who loves books at school – we hope …2021/02/022021-02-02 14:20:13
2.2.21 Physical Development: PE with Mr Owen2.2.21 Physical Development: PE with Mr Owen This afternoon, Mr Owen has a new PE …2021/02/022021-02-02 12:50:01
2.2.21 English: Sequence the instructions2.2.21 English: Sequence the instructions Morning Upper Foundation! Now that you have made your shadow …2021/02/022021-02-02 08:50:50
1.2.21 Storytime with Mrs SlaterA classic story today by Jill Murphy read by Mrs Slater. It is one of …2021/02/012021-02-01 14:20:28
1.2.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Science: Rainbow Experiment1.2.21 KUW Science: Rainbow Experiment This afternoon we would like you to carry out an …2021/02/012021-02-01 12:50:07
1.2.21 Art & DT: Make a shadow puppet1.2.21 Art & DT: Make a shadow puppet This week in English we are going …2021/02/012021-02-01 08:30:28
Upper Foundation – Remote Learning Timetable – Wk 1st FebruaryAnother fantastic week Upper Foundation – well done we are so very proud of you …2021/01/292021-01-29 15:00:45
29.1.21 Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Healthy Relationships29.1.21 PSED Healthy Relationships: The Colour Monster This afternoon, we would like you to listen …2021/01/292021-01-29 12:50:57
29.1.21 Reading: The Pot29.1.21 Reading: The Pot Today, we would like you to use your phonics to read …2021/01/292021-01-29 08:50:17
28.1.21 Storytime with Mr ArmstrongA fantastic story for you this afternoon, read by Mr Armstrong. We hope you like …2021/01/282021-01-28 14:20:00
28.1.21 Topic/Art & DT: Making a projector28.1.21 Topic/Art & DT: Making a projector This afternoon, Mrs Payne will guide you through …2021/01/282021-01-28 12:50:57
28.1.21 Reading: Inference Skills28.1.21 Reading: Inference Skills In school we often use the pictures and discussions from the …2021/01/282021-01-28 08:50:03
27.1.21 Storytime with Mrs PoolOne of our favourite stories today!! Read by Mrs Pool. Enjoy …2021/01/272021-01-27 14:20:07
27.1.21 Maths: Adding to 527.1.21 Maths: Adding to 5 Now that you are experts at using the adding machine …2021/01/272021-01-27 08:50:31
26.1.21 Storytime with Miss TateThis afternoon, Miss Tate is reading you one of her favourite stories from home! We …2021/01/262021-01-26 14:20:53
26.1.21 Physical Development: PE with Mr Owen26.1.21 PD: PE with Mr Owen Good afternoon Upper Foundation, Can you complete this week’s …2021/01/262021-01-26 12:50:15
26.1.21 Maths: Adding 2 numbers together to make 426.1.21 Maths: Adding 2 numbers together to make 4. Now you experimented with your adding …2021/01/262021-01-26 08:50:43
25.1.21 Storytime with Miss DickinsonEnjoy this afternoon’s story, read by Miss Dickinson.2021/01/252021-01-25 14:20:27
25.1.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Topic – Day or Night?25.1.21 KUW: Topic – Day or Night? Continuing with our Light and Dark topic, this …2021/01/252021-01-25 12:50:52
25.1.21 Maths: Adding 2 amounts together25.1.21 Maths: Adding 2 amounts together Today, we would like you to have a go …2021/01/252021-01-25 08:50:35
Remote Learning Timetable – Week 25th January 2021Here is your Remote Learning Timetable for next week, beginning Monday 25th January 2021. Well …2021/01/222021-01-22 15:00:36
22.1.21 Storytime with Miss DwyerMiss Dwyer has chosen a perfect story to go with our Light and Dark topic! …2021/01/222021-01-22 14:20:25
22.1.21 Forest School Friday: Transient Art22.1.21 Forest School: Transient Art This Friday we are bringing Forest School inside! For today’s …2021/01/222021-01-22 12:50:53
Lockdown Learner of the Week!It is really important that whilst we are not at school, we complete all of …2021/01/222021-01-22 11:11:24
22.1.21 Maths: Compare numbers22.1.21 Maths: Compare numbers Today, we would like you to have a go at comparing …2021/01/222021-01-22 08:50:05
21.1.21 Storytime with Mrs PayneToday’s story is Monkey Puzzle, read by Mrs Payne. Mrs Payne has a question for …2021/01/212021-01-21 14:30:51
21.1.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Topic – Shadows21.1.21 KUW Topic: Shadows This afternoon, we will be looking at shadows as part of …2021/01/212021-01-21 12:50:12
21.1.21 Maths: Compare amounts21.1.21 Maths – Compare amounts For maths today, we would like you compare amounts of …2021/01/212021-01-21 08:50:05
20.1.21 Storytime with Mrs PalmerMrs Palmer would like to read you How to Catch a Star by Oilver Jeffers. …2021/01/202021-01-20 14:20:30
20.1.21 Maths: Identifying zero20.1.21 Maths: Identifying zero Today, we would like you to order the numbers 1-5 including …2021/01/202021-01-20 08:50:06
19.1.21 Storytime with Mrs SlaterEnjoy today’s story, read by Mrs Slater.2021/01/192021-01-19 14:20:11
19.1.21 Physical Development: PE with Mr Owen19.1.21 PD PE: throwing and catching with Mr Owen Watch Mr Owen’s and see if …2021/01/192021-01-19 12:50:37
19.1.21 English: Create Sentences19.1.21 English: Create Sentences Using your innovated text map, create 3 simple sentences. Use Mrs …2021/01/192021-01-19 08:50:11
18.1.21 Storytime with Mrs HerbertEnjoy this afternoon’s story, The Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson. Read by Mrs Herbert.2021/01/182021-01-18 14:20:43
18.1.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Science: Nocturnal animals18.1.21 KUW Science: Nocturnal animals This afternoon, as part of your topic work, Mrs Slater …2021/01/182021-01-18 12:50:45
18.1.21 English: Innovating the text map18.1.21 English: Innovating the text map Last week we were busy learning the text, The …2021/01/182021-01-18 08:50:35
15.1.21 Storytime with Mr ArmstrongEnjoy today’s story with Mr Armstrong.2021/01/152021-01-15 14:20:32
Remote Learning Timetable – Week 2: 18th JanuaryHere is the timetable for next week’s formal remote learning, starting 18th January. As before, …2021/01/152021-01-15 14:00:26
15.1.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World: Science15.1.21 KUW: Science – Light Sources This afternoon, Mrs Payne would love for you to …2021/01/152021-01-15 12:50:33
15.1.21 English: Creating Sentences15.1.21 English: Creating Sentences Can you remember the story? Test yourself by completing these sentences …2021/01/152021-01-15 08:50:47
14.1.21 Storytime with Mrs PoolEnjoy today’s story read by Mrs Pool.2021/01/142021-01-14 14:20:09
14.1.21 English: Retelling the story14.1.21 English: Retelling the story This morning, we would like you to use your text …2021/01/142021-01-14 08:50:37
13.1.21 Storytime with Miss TateEnjoy today’s story read by Miss Tate.2021/01/132021-01-13 14:20:35
13.1.21 Knowledge & Understanding the World – Topic: Day & Night13.1.21 KUW Topic: Day & Night Our new class topic is Light ad Dark. One …2021/01/132021-01-13 12:50:02
13.1.21 English: Creating a text map13.1.21 English: Creating a text map As you know, in school we remember our texts …2021/01/132021-01-13 08:50:26
12.1.21 Storytime with Miss DickinsonEnjoy watching today’s story read by Miss Dickinson. (Sorry – today’s video is in 2 …2021/01/122021-01-12 14:20:23
12.1.21 Physical Development: PEThis afternoon, whilst Mr Owen is still busy working on his remote lesson plans and …2021/01/122021-01-12 12:50:08
12.1.21 English: Learning the text12.1.21 English: Learning the text The Dark, Dark Night Today, please watch the video of …2021/01/122021-01-12 08:50:04
11.1.21 – Storytime with Miss DwyerEnjoy watching today’s story read by Miss Dwyer.2021/01/112021-01-11 14:20:24
11.1.21 Creative: Art & DT – Shades of colour11.1.21 Creative Art & DT: Shades of colour Linking our Art to our topic Light …2021/01/112021-01-11 12:50:55
11.1.21 English: The Dark, Dark Night Story11.1.21 English The Dark, Dark Night story Please listen to Mrs Palmer read the story, …2021/01/112021-01-11 08:50:41
Upper Foundation – Remote Learning Plan: Wk 11.1.21Here is the timetable for next week’s remote learning. The only session that will be …2021/01/082021-01-08 13:00:57
8.1.21 English: Word Building8.1.21 English Word Building Use your phonics to say, sound, build, write and read the …2021/01/082021-01-08 08:50:59
7.1.21 English: Frog Masks7.1.21 English: Frog Masks We will soon be learning our new story The Dark, Dark …2021/01/072021-01-07 08:50:27
That’s not my …In the exciting lead up to Christmas, Reception have been learning ‘That’s not my elf’ …2020/12/172020-12-17 10:45:15
UFS WritingTake a look at some of our incredible writing that we have produced over the …2020/12/172020-12-17 10:35:43
It’s Christmas in Home Corner!Christmas has arrived in Upper Foundation! The children have been very busy making the Home …2020/12/082020-12-08 10:23:04
Forest School FridaysMost Fridays, Upper Foundation visit our fantastic Forest School! We have so much fun! This …2020/12/082020-12-08 09:58:09
Upper Foundation Maths – Term 1Upper Foundation have been very busy in Maths during the Autumn term. We have explored …2020/12/082020-12-08 09:49:37
Topic – Working together to make a Gingerbread manWe worked together as a group to make our own Gingerbread man, drawing an outline, …2020/10/172020-10-17 15:52:21
Teamwork Challenge2020/03/052020-03-05 16:30:01

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