Welcome to Nursery!

These are our timetables for morning and afternoon nursery sessions:

Spend a day with us in Nursery and see how much we learn!


Look at the progress we have made in our ‘Draw a Person’ drawings since September!



The children love our provision and have a lot of fun learning through play!


We have a rich learning environment and enhance the areas with books, vocabulary and challenges.

Each term we aim to enhance the children’s learning with trips, visits and activities from the ’50 Things to do Before You’re 5′ guidance. Have a look what we have planned for the year!


Click the link below for additional information regarding the National Curriculum for Nursery or have a chat with Mrs Barker, Mrs Scholes or Miss Allison. Please see the Early Learning Goal progression maps below and on the EYFS subject page for a breakdown of skills the children will be learning.



Things to Remember

PE Kit

Please wear your PE kit to school on Tuesday and Thursday.


Reading at Fairburn View Primary School

Phonics: Your child will learn to read following the ‘Sounds Write’ Programme. This programme is designed to support the rigorous and systematic approach to teaching synthetic phonics.  Our caring teaching staff plan exciting lessons to meet the needs of all individual children.


There is a focus on reading across school and there is huge benefits to children reading at home. As part of school policy, we ask for children to read at least 3x at home and this is signed by a parent. You can help your children by hearing them read, but also checking their comprehension. Ask the questions about what they have just read, what they think will happen next and explain what they think of the books they are reading. It is important for children to read a range of texts as this makes them well rounded excellent readers.

Inside school, children have a daily guided reading session in which they have opportunity to have adult based and independent reading activities.

We appreciate your help and support in the matter.


Parent Partnerships

We welcome any opportunities for parents to share their skills and knowledge.
Please listen to your child read at home every day and record this in your child’s planner.

Thank you for your support.

Early Learning Goal Breakdown and Progression

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Fairburn View Fun DayHere’s a little video of what we got up to on our fun day yesterday! …2021/07/222021-07-22 08:17:28
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World Mental Health DayToday we celebrated World Mental Health Day. We all dressed in happy colours and thought …2021/05/132021-05-13 20:15:35
Art dayToday is our art day. We looked at, named, matched and sorted colours. We then …2021/05/072021-05-07 10:57:19
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Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken!Our eggs were delivered almost three weeks ago and in that time your children have …2021/05/022021-05-02 11:37:15
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Science week – mud kitchen funLook at the fun we’ve been having in our mud kitchen area! We’ve been cooking …2021/03/172021-03-17 20:15:08
Story time – Love MonsterListen to our valetines story about the Love Monster. I wonder if he finds someone …2021/02/102021-02-10 15:00:48
Kandinsky – heartsAfter looking at the colour studies of Wassily Kandinsky we decided to change the Squares …2021/02/102021-02-10 12:00:35
Phonics – Initial SoundsPause this powerpoint on each slide. Can you name the item in each picture? Say …2021/02/102021-02-10 09:00:02
Story TimeListen to the story, While we can’t hug. Can you think of ways we can show …2021/02/092021-02-09 15:00:45
Missing numbersCan you work out the missing numbers? You can play this as a game at …2021/02/092021-02-09 12:00:04
All about Valentines DayHave you ever heard of Valentines day? Do you know what it is? Watch this …2021/02/092021-02-09 09:00:08
Story Time – Guess how much I love youGuess How Much I Love You Read Aloud | Kids Books Read Aloud – YouTube …2021/02/082021-02-08 15:00:14
Kandinsky – CirclesLook at these slides together and create your own Kandinsky art work. You can use …2021/02/082021-02-08 11:11:44
LoveOur topic this week is Love. ❤️ For your first activity we would like you …2021/02/082021-02-08 08:59:08
Express yourselfToday as part of children’s mental health week we would like you to express yourselves. …2021/02/052021-02-05 08:55:07
Freezing and MeltingThis week we explored water and our teachers froze us blocks of ice. Our challenge …2021/02/042021-02-04 13:24:59
Phonics play – Buried TreasureUse the link below to play one of the free games on phonics play. Make …2021/02/042021-02-04 11:00:55
Innovate – That’s not my…Good morning everyone! We hope you have been reading our Polar Bear text at home …2021/02/042021-02-04 10:07:06
Fun in the snowWe would love to see your photos of you having fun in the snow! We …2021/02/032021-02-03 13:30:33
Careful countingSee if you can work on your careful counting at home. Don’t forget to put …2021/02/032021-02-03 12:00:49
Clap for Captain Sir Tom MooreAt 11am Nursery will take part in a two minute clap for Captain Sir Tom …2021/02/032021-02-03 10:30:08
Talk 4 Writing – That’s not my polar bear part 2This is the second part of our Talk 4 Writing story. See if you can …2021/02/032021-02-03 09:00:05
Repeating patternsContinuing on from yesterday’s post, can you use objects from around your home to create …2021/02/022021-02-02 13:52:02
Healthy Relationships – We are all differentThis is one of the books we look at regularly in school. It is available …2021/02/022021-02-02 12:00:03
Phonics – loud and quietMrs Winstanley has made her own shakers for this game. Can you make some at …2021/02/022021-02-02 10:30:34
Talk 4 Writing – That’s not my polar bearYou’ve already listened to this story and read it together at home. See if you …2021/02/022021-02-02 09:00:16
Story time with Mrs ScholesWe hope you enjoy Mrs Scholes’ story.  2021/02/012021-02-01 15:00:19
Can you make a shape pattern?See if you can create your own shapes using toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes. …2021/02/012021-02-01 13:30:19
Phonics playHere is a free Phonics Play game for you to play at home. You have …2021/02/012021-02-01 12:00:51
Have you got a special bear?Last week I set your teachers a challenge to find a special bear at home. …2021/02/012021-02-01 11:24:45
PE challengeWatch Mr Owens video for today’s PE challenge.  2021/01/292021-01-29 14:12:10
Using language to talk about sizeWhat size language do you know? Can you compare objects around your home by size? …2021/01/292021-01-29 12:11:09
Nursery love innovating stories!We thought we would share some videos from innovate week in nursery. The children decided …2021/01/292021-01-29 09:00:35
Story time with Mrs BarkerWe’ve almost run out of our favourite bear stories but we would like to share …2021/01/282021-01-28 17:00:12
Sorting shapesThis week we have been sorting the shapes from our shape hunts. We decided to …2021/01/282021-01-28 15:00:05
Let’s get movingIn nursery we love dancing to the Go Noodle songs and we always enjoy Banana, …2021/01/282021-01-28 13:00:30
Phase 1 phonics gameFor this game you may need an instrument like a shaker. If you don’t have …2021/01/282021-01-28 11:00:52
Messy mark makingSee if you can ditch your pencils for the day and mark make in something …2021/01/282021-01-28 09:00:13
Bedtime story with Miss BlackburnGet your Pyjamas on, snuggle up in your blanket with your family ready for Miss …2021/01/272021-01-27 17:00:34
Brown bear factsRead the bear facts together and talk about what each fact means. Explain to your …2021/01/272021-01-27 15:00:29
Dough DiscoI have provided a link to the dough disco video we began following a few …2021/01/272021-01-27 13:00:11
We’re going on a shape huntWe introduced you to our 4 main 2D shapes last week. Square, rectangle, circle and …2021/01/272021-01-27 11:00:52
Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Bear HabitatsCan you look at the images and match each bear to their habitat? Talk about …2021/01/272021-01-27 09:00:32
Story time with the girls Mrs Scholes and two of our nursery children would like to read you a story. …2021/01/262021-01-26 15:00:12
Maths – Feed the bearsThis is an easy game for you to play at home to help with number …2021/01/262021-01-26 12:55:31
Phonics – letter matchingWatch our matching game and see if you can have a go at home. You …2021/01/262021-01-26 11:00:10
Talk 4 Writing – Innovate Part 2So today Mrs Barker has innovated another page for her story. Do you think you …2021/01/262021-01-26 08:54:22
Story time with Mrs Barker – My friend bearGo get your favourite teddy and snuggle up ready for a story with Mrs Barker. …2021/01/252021-01-25 14:55:05
Teddy bear, teddy bearSee if you can get yourself moving with some action songs at home. Mrs Winstanley …2021/01/252021-01-25 13:08:06
Transient Art – Making bear facesWe know that many of you will not have paint and crafting materials at home …2021/01/252021-01-25 11:00:04
Talk 4 Writing – InnovateThis week we are going to innovate our story. Watch the video and then have …2021/01/252021-01-25 09:16:10
Story time with Miss Hawkins.Today’s story is split into two parts. Listen carefully as Miss Hawkins reads you another …2021/01/222021-01-22 15:00:16
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PE ChallengeThis is the first of two challenge which Mr Owen has set for you today! …2021/01/222021-01-22 11:00:51
Can you name your 2D shapesThis is an example of a shape activity in school. Can you name  these 2D …2021/01/222021-01-22 09:11:42
Story time with Mrs WinstanleyToday’s story is split across two videos. We hope you enjoy listening to this as …2021/01/212021-01-21 14:00:52
🎵Two big brown bears 🎵Can you use the bear masks you made this week to sing along with our …2021/01/212021-01-21 11:01:27
Describing a bearWe would like you to have a go at describing a bear. Get a photo …2021/01/212021-01-21 10:04:52
Number Rhymes with Mrs ScholesCome and join in singing with Mrs Scholes and our children. We love singing, especially …2021/01/212021-01-21 09:00:40
Story time with Mrs Bird – This is the bear and the scary nightGood afternoon everyone. Mrs Bird wanted to read you a story today. Before she reads …2021/01/202021-01-20 15:00:46
Where’s Ted?Can you use language to describe the position of Ted? Where is Ted sitting? Is …2021/01/202021-01-20 13:07:36
Can you make a bear cave?We love using our den and camping area when we work outside but this week …2021/01/202021-01-20 11:00:50
How to make a bear maskThis week in school we have been making our own bear masks. We followed a …2021/01/202021-01-20 10:07:31
Story time with Mrs Brownlee – One ted falls out of bedSit back and relax whilst Mrs Brownlee reads you a bear story! Can you tell …2021/01/192021-01-19 15:00:49
Memory GameIn nursery we like to play lots of games to help improve our memory and …2021/01/192021-01-19 13:00:57
We’re going on a bear hunt – join in with usWe have a couple of our older children in school and a few new starters. …2021/01/192021-01-19 12:10:05
Talk 4 Writing – Part 7So this is the final part of our story. Mrs scholes will talk you through …2021/01/192021-01-19 11:16:22
Look at our work today!We have had a busy day finishing our paintings, our bear masks and our bear …2021/01/182021-01-18 15:15:18
A bedtime story with Mrs Scholes- Snow BearsGet snuggled in bed or under a blanket with a nice warm drink and listen …2021/01/182021-01-18 13:00:31
Healthy RelationshipsAs part of our Healthy Relationships work, we would like you to watch the story …2021/01/182021-01-18 11:00:03
All 4 writing – Part 6Wow we have been so impressed with your story telling. Our story is almost complete. …2021/01/182021-01-18 09:00:00
Story time with Mrs Barker – Postman BearHappy Friday everyone. Get snuggled in a blanket and enjoy our story-time.2021/01/152021-01-15 15:37:30
Talk 4 Writing – Part 5We hope you are enjoying this story! Now it’s time for the swirling whirling snow …2021/01/152021-01-15 10:00:58
PE with Joe WicksNot all of us can get outside to play and some of us don’t always …2021/01/152021-01-15 09:00:18
We’re going on a colour huntWe’re going on a brown hunt, we’re going to find some brown things. What a …2021/01/142021-01-14 14:00:54
Number Rhyme TimeWe love singing number rhymes in nursery and it helps with our understanding of. number …2021/01/142021-01-14 13:00:54
Welcome to the Dough DiscoGet yourself a small piece of play dough and see if you can join in …2021/01/142021-01-14 12:00:17
Talk 4 Writing – part 4It’s time to walk through the deep dark forest.  2021/01/142021-01-14 11:00:39
Phase 1 sound bag gameOur children enjoyed playing a phonics game together, choosing an object inside the bag and …2021/01/142021-01-14 10:00:08
Cosmic Yoga – We’re going on a bear huntToday we thought you may like to have a go at a yoga session. Mums, …2021/01/142021-01-14 09:00:23
Bears, bears, bears2021/01/142021-01-14 08:46:46
Mixing brown and painting bearsThis week we have been learning to mix the colour brown. If you have got …2021/01/132021-01-13 13:00:06
Number – counting from a larger groupThis week we have been using our bear caves and filling them with the correct …2021/01/132021-01-13 12:00:38
Drawing lines and circlesTo help prepare your child for writing they need to work on drawing lines and …2021/01/132021-01-13 11:00:42
Talk 4 Writing – Part 3This is the third part of our Talk 4 Writing book.  We are  sure that …2021/01/132021-01-13 10:00:07
Phase 1 Phonics – ListeningWe have another listening game for you today. This time there will be picture clues …2021/01/132021-01-13 09:00:46
All about bearsListen to our book about bears and see what you can find out. Can you …2021/01/122021-01-12 14:00:09
Numbers in the environmentNo matter what stage your child is at and whether they are working with smaller …2021/01/122021-01-12 13:00:26
Drawing Barney BearGood afternoon everyone. After all the excitement of meeting Barney Bear yesterday, we thought that …2021/01/122021-01-12 12:00:07
Talk 4 Writing – Part 2We’re going on a bear hunt. This is the second part of our Talk 4 …2021/01/122021-01-12 11:00:04
Phonics – set 1 soundsLast half term we began learning our first set of sounds. See if your child …2021/01/122021-01-12 10:00:33
Proud Mary – wake up shake upOur afternoon children enjoy dancing to Tina Turner and we use this for our Wake …2021/01/122021-01-12 09:00:53
Making play-dough bearsWe have been making our own play dough and using natural materials to create our …2021/01/112021-01-11 14:00:36
Bear numbersToday we realised Barney Bear was missing! We went outside and followed the trail of …2021/01/112021-01-11 12:48:22
Literacy activityToday we would like you to have a go at writing your name. First let …2021/01/112021-01-11 12:07:11
Talk 4 Writing – Part 1We’re going on a bear hunt. This is the first part of our Talk 4 …2021/01/112021-01-11 11:28:59
Phase 1 phonics – listeningToday we have been playing listening games in class. Follow the link to play the …2021/01/112021-01-11 09:46:49
We’ve settled back into school!We have made lots of new friends, explored our classroom environment and even been to …2020/09/302020-09-30 11:38:49
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