Why it’s important for children to attend school

It’s important children attend school because:

  • attendance has a direct link to attainment. If a child is not in school regularly they are not fully accessing the curriculum and learning opportunities available to them
  • achieving at school builds a child’s self-esteem, as well as enhancing their future prospects
  • attending school and being part of the school’s community gives a child a sense of belonging and promotes their social development
  • spending time with school staff teaches a child about society’s expectations with regards to behaviour and how to communicate with people in authority preparing them for adult life
  • attending school gives a child the opportunity to experience positive separation from their parents/carers, which builds their confidence and resilience.


During a recent check of our registers by the Local Authority Education Welfare Officer, concern has been expressed that several Parents/Carers are failing to contact school on the days when their child is absent and failing to respond to calls made by the school to the contact numbers supplied.

It is your Parental responsibility to ensure your child attends regularly and on time. Failure to contact school will result in your child receiving an unauthorised attendance mark and could lead to a home visit being carried out to ascertain the reasons for absence.
We have been asked to advise you that it is your legal responsibility to contact school on the first day of absence and update why your child is unable to attend. Failure to carry out this responsibility may lead to legal action being taken if attendance continues to be a concern.
You can contact school to inform us of your child’s absence in several ways:
• School Comms
• Facebook – Parents and Friends of Fairburn View Primary School
• Text message – 07717 800067
• School Number – 01977 558350
• Email:
The Local Authority Education Welfare Officer will continue to monitor attendance and if absence continues to be an issue, they may contact/visit you to discuss the matter.
Should you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact school to discuss