‘Reading and Writing floats on a sea of talk’

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At Fairburn View, we believe Reading is an essential skill for learning, and for life. However, it also goes beyond this – Reading should captivate and inspire pupils as they begin to understand that it can purely be for pleasure. Reading will also complement a pupil’s thirst for writing. They should be able to draw upon what they read to assist with their writing. At Fairburn View we intend:

  • To enable our pupils to read confidently, fluently, accurately and with understanding
  • To foster an interest in words and their meanings, to gain an appreciation of books from a variety of genres
  • For pupils to find books interesting to read with enjoyment and to evaluate and justify their preferences



‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’

Reading, and fluent reading skills, are taught from Lower Foundation Stage through ‘Sounds Write’. This repetitive and structured scheme allows children to work at a pace that ensures sounds are embedded and regularly revisited. This provides the foundations to their reading journey through school. Guided reading is taught as a whole-class, with books carefully selected to ensure pupils are immersed in rich literacy choices. The whole-school approach of VIPERS aims to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding. A love of reading is promoted through interesting text choices (matched to pupils’ ages, abilities and the wider curriculum); reading-inspired school events (World Book Day, Bedtime Story, Creative Reader); regular use of the school library. In addition to parents listening to their child read at home, all staff listen to each pupil read on a weekly basis – thus promoting the importance of reading within the school community.

Early years, KS1 and lower KS2 promote the love of Reading through daily ‘Story time’ sessions – here the pupils choose the book, which is then read to the class.

He is a short video showing the reading journey of our pupils:


As a result, we have a community of enthusiastic Readers who enjoy sharing stories and new literacy skills. They speak positively about reading and use what they read as inspiration for their Writing. By the end of KS2, as a result of our aims, we strive for all children to:

  • Be well-rounded
  • Have significant Reading skills to tackle KS3 and onwards with everything needed to succeed in life
  • Be culturally sensitive, and know the importance of equality.
  • Be confident to portray opinions and join in discussions
  • Have an imagination that enables them to write creatively
  • Know the importance of their well-being by being resilient



There is a focus on reading across school and there is huge benefits to children reading at home. As part of school policy, we ask for children to read at least 3x at home and this is signed by a parent. You can help your children by hearing them read, but also checking their comprehension. Ask the questions about what they have just read, what they think will happen next and explain what they think of the books they are reading. It is important for children to read a range of texts as this makes them well rounded excellent readers.

Inside school, children have a daily guided reading session in which they have opportunity to have adult based and independent reading activities.

We appreciate your help and support in the matter.


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