Subject Lead : Mr Mulroy


‘A doorway into other cultures’ 


At Fairburn View Primary, we believe that language learning is extremely important. Learning a foreign language allows a greater and broader perspective on those who inhabit the world. At FVP, we offer French lessons to those in Years 3 to 6. We seek to empower our children with an ability to communicate with those who live beyond English-speaking territories. We also serve to provide an insight into another culture with its rich and diverse traditions. 

Pupils in KS1 are made aware of other languages when appropriate (assemblies, Religious Education, topic work etc).


National curriculum in England: languages programmes of study


What we are learning (Intent)

  • To deliver a structured MFL curriculum which provides all KS2 pupils with the foundations of French conversational language
  • To enthuse and prepare pupils for learning MFL in KS3
  • Children to develop their understanding of grapheme-phoneme correspondence
  • Appropriate to what they have been taught, children will be able to hold a conversation in French
  • Children to understand some French grammatical conventions such as the existence of gender and how word order may differ from English (eg when using adjectives)




How we are learning (Implementation)

  • A clear, structured and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum (using the Local Authority’s La Jolie Ronde Scheme of Work).
  • French is taught weekly in each year group.
  • A range of work is recorded in books (written, pictures, games, photographs) and online (SeeSaw). Pupils are made aware of differing grammatical conventions when using the French language.
  • Regular and engaging teaching of MFL – monitored/observed in lessons/books by subject leader.
  • There is a clear progression of skills and knowledge throughout the KS2 MFL curriculum.
  • Pupil Voice assesses attitudes towards the subject.
  • French occasionally incorporated into assemblies (led by subject leader).
  • Pupils to study the basic geography of France (where it is etc), and French-speaking countries around the world. 


What we have learned from it (Impact)

  • Pupils develop a confidence to write, integrating new language into previously learned language
  • Pupils are enthused by lessons and prepared for the continued study of French at KS3.
  • EYFS and KS1 are occasionally exposed to a different language, delivered in an accessible way (eg stories in assembly).
  • Stimulates an awareness of other countries, and French-speaking countries – this demonstrates how language, culture and religion can spread around the world.

French is taught in KS2  in line with the National Curriculum, for further details here is the national curriculum for KS2 French


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