Year 1 creating rhythms

This term, year 1 have been working extremely hard in music creating rhythms using their knowledge of 'frog' and 'tadpole'. They were able to create 4 different rhythms and clap them back to each other. Next week, they will be using [foogallery id="6855"] the note C to play the rhythms they have…

KS1 Camel Funk

[foogallery id="6834"] At Christmas, KS1 explored an alternative version of the Christmas story and performed Camel Funk! They had a fantastic time, working hard to put on a brilliant production.

Aladdin – Year 6 production

This term, year 6 have worked tirelessly to produce their brilliant production of Aladdin. They spent many hours working on the music, the dances and their lines. They have all learnt so many new skills which they will take with them as they transition up to high school. [foogallery id="6119"]

Samba Drumming

Year 2 and 5 experienced a brilliant Samba drumming workshop this term. They learnt about the various musical instruments used in Samba music and how to play each of them. They learnt 3 Samba beats and worked together to create a performance at the end. [foogallery id="6252"]