Today we needed to call an ambulance to school to check over a pupil.

The ambulance struggled to manoeuvre down the street, if a member of staff had not been out waiting for it and asking people to move their cars, the ambulance would have not been able to enter school grounds.

This really highlights the importance of our Safer Streets. Parents and Carers are ignoring the roads restrictions because it is an inconvenience walking a short way to school.

Today has highlighted one of the reasons why it is so important that cars should not double park, should not park on the yellow lines around school and should not block any entrances into school grounds.

Can we please ask you to respect the restrictions that are in place, to see them for what they are – a way to keep your children safe and not a pointless exercise to inconvenience you.

Please leave home a little earlier and walk to school or park your car away from Stansfield Drive so that our children can be safe.

This is not a big ask and I’m sure that all of you would want to put your children first.

As always, thank you for your support and lets work together, for the safety of everyone.

Thank you.