Due to the unprecedented heat predicted for Monday and Tuesday next week, we are proposing to finish school at 12pm on these days. This will mean children are not exposed to the extreme temperatures forecast (potentially up to 37 degrees), but will still get to spend time with their new teachers during transition. Children who usually have a school meal will be provided with a packed lunch to take home at 12pm. 
We will confirm these plans on Sunday at 2pm – just in case there is a change in forecast.
Unfortunately, our school does not have air conditioning, and gets extremely warm during hot weather – especially in the afternoons. We fear such high temperatures could be detrimental to the welfare of the pupils and staff.
Should this cause major childcare issues, please contact school so we can discuss arrangements.
Year 6 pupils attending Airedale Academy on these days should continue as planned. Should we hear differently from Airedale Academy, we will let you know.
We aim to return to the full school day (3pm finish) on Wednesday for our Carnival Day. As planned, school closes for the Summer Holidays on Thursday at 1.30pm.