Year 5 welcomed an expert historian into class to learn about Anglo Saxon’s.

Invasion – The first part of the workshop took us through a short history of how the Anglo Saxons came to England.

Journey – Pupils were then encouraged to use their imagination to join our visitor on the long boat journey the Saxons took before invading England.

Weapons – Year 5 were very impressed with the range of weapons used by the Saxon’s. By the end of this section, pupils understood how weapons were made and what each one were used for.

Clothing – The historian was dressed in traditional Anglo Saxon attire. She explained why certain garments were worn, what tools were carried and why. She also described what materials were available at this time and how colour was made.

Home life – During this part of the workshop, we learnt that the Saxon’s built their homes out of clay, stone & hay and that they were very skilled craftsmen; making all equipment and cutlery themselves.