This week in Year 6 we have been exploring and learning about Children’s Mental Health Week. We have started to make some amazing Stop Motion Videos in pairs to encourage people to be themselves and express who they are. They learnt about talking to friends, family and trusted adults if they feel down or in need of some help.

We also looked at how we grow as individuals, and as a class. Talking about what makes us special, how we develop and how people grow, learn and develop at different rates. We planted some cress in different environments to show how this can be seen in nature.

We planted 5 sets of cress.

  • One in the sun with water and soil.
  • One in the shade with water and soil.
  • One in the sun with water but no soil.
  • One in the sun but with soil and no water.
  • One that was over watered.

We discussed why they grew differently and how this might reflect how we grow.