Today year 5 was taken over by the prison service, as they came in to educate our pupils in making the right choice and what the consequences are if they don’t. Pupils took part in many workshops including: fire safety, British transport police, prison van and  peer pressure. Year 5 were very grown up and asked some well thought out questions – well done for listening so well and taking part in a very interesting day.


Neil McCunnell, who ran the day emailed us after the day to say..

‘Just want to say a massive thank you for today. Our team have had a great day and we’re extremely complimentary about your Yr5’s & 6’s and there level of engagement and questions they were asking. You’ve got a great school and it appears to be a really positive environment for all the youngsters at Fairburn View. Once again thank you and we look forward to working with you again in the future’.