Year 1 have had a lovely Humanities Day!

We came to school dressed as our favourite famous person.

We have learnt about a range of famous people including Nelson Mandela and Florence Nightingale.

We  learnt how Florence Nightingale became a nurse and how she looked after the soldiers in the war. We learnt all about how she changed nursing for the better by ensuring patients receive good food and by ensuring the hospitals are cleaned. We then took part in some role play and decided if we thought it would be difficult to look after a lot of patients all at once. We thought about how we have helped our hospitals not reach full capacity by following the government guidelines and why our NHS is so important to us.

We have also learnt all about Nelson Mandela. We learnt about the apartheid and how Nelson Madela fought for the rights of black South Africans. We learnt about how South Africa is called the ‘Rainbow Nation’ now that all people of different races are working together. We discussed how we are all different in our classroom and how we treat each other fairly. We painted our hands and made a large handprint rainbow.

We discussed our favourite famous person and even had a talent show where we danced and sang to our favourite famous singers!