Our eggs were delivered almost three weeks ago and in that time your children have cared for 14 eggs which hatched into 14 tiny fluff balls  and grew into 14 boisterous chicks. We have fed them, cleaned them, played with them and shown so much love, kindness and consideration to these tiny little animals. The chicks brought so much joy and curiosity to our classroom and our children loved learning new facts about the chicks as well as watching them grow. We learnt new words such as incubator, hatching, egg tooth, life cycle, cockerel, comb and all our children can talk about how the chicks hatched as well as the life cycle of a hen. The chicks have now left the classroom and I am sure the children will miss them!

We hope you enjoy looking at this small selection of photographs from the past 3 weeks. The chicks really motivated our children to learn and they enjoyed painting chicks, making playdough chicks, reading to them, making chick puppets, drawing them  and singing to them.