Good morning Year 1 and Happy Friday!!!

It’s a shame that we are back remote learning, however you were fantastic at working from home before so I am sure you will be brilliant this time.

Your first task is to listen to this song. I would like you to tell me
– Did you like it?

-What could you hear?

-How did the song make you feel?

In music, we have been looking at our song ‘Your imagination’ and last week we created our own words for the song using our imagination. Miss Wilds class came up with some brilliant ideas such as a griffon climbing the school building and a wiggly worm playing football. Mrs Pickup and Miss Clawson class came up with a pig playing rugby and a duck sailing a big boat.

So, for your task I would like you to come up with 4 ideas yourself whilst you’re at home! Use the worksheet below to help you. Miss Counter has given you two to get you started.

Remote learning 30.04.21 – Your imagination

Post your ideas on your Facebook page or send them to me at

Miss Counter