Today, Year 1 took part in a Humanities Day based on learning that was missed during the first lockdown when they were in Upper Foundation. They would have learnt all about ‘People who help us’ therefore today we spent the whole day learning about these people and what they do to help us. The children were able to already recognise many people who help us, and enjoyed learning about others that they weren’t so sure of such as mountain rescue, midwives and refuse collectors.

This morning, we enjoyed drawing our pictures of people who help us as well as matching these people to scenarios e.g. Who would help me if I was stuck with my learning? Who would help me if I was lost? Who would help me cross the road?  We also enjoyed taking part in some role play and pretending to be vets, supermarket assistants and firefighters.

This afternoon, we learnt some basic first aid with Mrs Rowett. The children learnt all about who to call in an emergency and what scenarios would be appropriate to call the emergency services. They learnt all about what a hoax is, and why is it so important that we do not waste the time of the emergency services. The children learnt about cuts, bruises, bumps and breaks.

We have had a very busy day!

Here are some photographs to show you what we have been busy doing: