Good morning! We’ve almost made it!

Spelling: Today, look at the meaning of the words. Write five of the words in a sentence.

Reading: Access your reading plus accounts

English: Write your text about trolls. Describe what they eat, where they live. Remember, this isn’t a story. Use the WAGOLL and the work we’ve been doing this week to help you with the structure. You had some great sentences with adverbials this week, don’t forget to use them! Tuesday – Trolls text

Maths: Join the maths Zoom at 12:30

Humanities: To recap all our learning about The Romans, I’d like you to do a poster all about them. It can be done on the computer or just on paper if you wish. Just remember to include all the information we have been learning.

P.E: Your P.E task from Mr Welka this week: PE – My perfect PE lesson – Fairburn View Primary School


As always, show us your work, get in touch if you need anything and have a brilliant day! We’ve almost made it year 3 and we are so proud of you!