Good morning everyone – only 4 days left to go!

WALT: calculate missing angles on a straight line
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. There is an independent activity for you to complete on MyMaths.

WALT: innovate a text
Today we are focusing on the second paragraph, which is all about the animals habitat. Be creative year 5 and don’t forget to use the text from last week to help.

Log onto Reading Plus and complete an reading activity.

Let’s keep up to date with our beautiful handwriting and practice this weeks spellings at the same time. Remember we are aiming for joined handwriting making our letters the same size.
Handwriting Practice – Cursive Unlooped

WALT: find facts about the United Kingdom
Task 1 – Define a country, county, city, town, village
Task 2 – Using the challenge card below, we would like you to use google to find out any answers you may not know!
Challenge Cards