Good morning and happy Monday! The last week, we can do this!

Spelling: Here are your new spelling words to practise this week: Spellings

Reading: Please access your reading plus accounts. So many of you have got awards now and you’re making such fantastic progress, well done for all your hard work.

English: We are going to continue with out work around trolls. Today, you are going to write some sentences starting with adverbs about the trolls you designed on Friday. Adding adverbs

Maths: Join Mr Hill for his maths Zooms this week.
Reminder of details:
ID: 745 2178 2796

Science: Today, we would like you to do some revision on light. Like last time, you can use the internet to help you if you need 🙂
Science Revision – Light

French: Watch this clip about body parts. Watch this video: Choose 5 of them and make a poster showing the French vocabulary.

Show us your work, get in touch if you need anything and have a wonderful day 🙂