RE: Lent: Acts of Kindness

In the lead up to Easter we have a time called Lent. Sometimes people give things up for 40 days for Lent, others decide to do random acts of kindness during this time. We would like you to have a think about something kind that you could do today.

If you decide to continue your acts of kindness that is entirely up to you – but don’t feel like you have to. Please remember that any act of kindness you do carry out must comply with social distancing rules.

There are tonnes of ideas online that you can do! You may be able to think of your own, alternatively have a look at the sheet of ideas on this post to help you. A few ideas in the meantime are:

– Smile at everybody
– Draw a picture for your neighbour
– Make a card for someone at home telling them how much you love them
– Help make dinner
– Clear your toys away
– Give somebody in your bubble a hug

Friday RE powerpoint

Random acts of kindness ideas