Happy Friday! We made it!

Spelling: Spelling test today as always – let us know your scores and good luck!

Reading: Please access your reading plus accounts, this has been great comprehension practise for you.

English: Today, I want you to design your own troll ready for writing about next week, I’m excited to see your creations! Friday – Design your own troll 

Maths: Join the live maths lesson at 12:30 on Zoom.

PHSE: We will soon be returning to school (we can’t wait to see you again!), for this I’d like you to write down all the things you’re looking forward to coming back to school for. This can be as a list or a poster – however you wish!

Remember to join Mrs Brownlee’s live assembly at 2:45 over on: (1) Parents and Friends of Fairburn View Primary School | Facebook

Show us your work, get in touch if you need anything and have a wonderful day and weekend! 🙂