Happy Wednesday!
Your work this week is amazing – well done everyone!

WALT: identify nets of 3d shapes
If you missed the live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. Today’s independent task is to create your own nets for 3d shapes, cut and stick them together – below are some nets for you to try too.

Triangular Prism
Hexagonal Prism
Pentagonal Prism

WALT: explore vocabulary
Todays lesson is exactly how we would start a Talk for Write cycle – we would look at the vocabulary and ensure we know the meaning of all the words. Watch the short video and then complete the pages in your booklet.

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity – who is keeping up to date and is going to make our reading superstars this week?

SPaG – Word Search

Curriculum lessons for this afternoon are Music & PE – these are found on the school website under the curriculum section. They will be linked to the Facebook post