Well what wonderful news – we will all be back together on Monday 8th March!
Come on, we have got this remote learning until then!

WALT: identify properties of 3D shapes
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. There is an independent activity for you to complete on MyMaths.

WALT: respond to a text
Just like our Talk for Writing cycles, we begin with a text. This text is an information text, describing a made up creature just like the ones in yesterdays story. Watch the short video and then complete the page in your booklet.

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity.

Lets practice this weeks spellings and our handwriting – remember to be age related we need joined legible handwriting! Handwriting Practice – Cursive Unlooped

WALT: identify the capital cities of England
Using the map below, we would like you to use google maps to locate the different cities in England.
identifying cities