This half term in Science we will be learning all about ‘Everyday Materials’. This includes learning all about the different types of materials and their properties. We will begin to use words to describe properties of materials.

Today, I want you to familiarise yourselves with these words that we will be using (you might need to ask a grown up to explain them to you). Then, I want you to write or one two items that you find in your house that you think fit that description. The first one has been done for you as an example.

1. Soft- blanket, teddy bear.

2. Shiny

3. Hard

4. Smooth

5. Bumpy

6. Rough

7. Opaque

8. Transparent

9. Absorbent

10. Non-absorbent

11. Waterproof

12. Flexible

13. Dull

14. Fragile