Only 2 days to go… half term is in sight…you have got this year 5!

WALT: use the inverse operation
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. There is an independent activity on MyMaths for you to complete1.

5G are currently winning this weeks battle – are they going to be the overall winners this term?

WALT: explore different types of poetry
So far this week we have looked at 2 different types of poems, but there are loads of other out there. Watch this short video explaining different types of poems and then have a go at writing 2 different ones. Link them to our topic Extreme Environments if you can!

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity – are you keeping up to date this week? Remember this is used to replace our daily guided reading sessions.

Can you find this weeks words in the word search? Word Search

Happy End of Term Year 5!
You have done a brilliant job at completing our topic ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.
It is the final lesson and our main focus when listening and appraising has been rap music. So for the the last lesson, I would like you to find your favorite rap song or a song that includes rapping and create me a poster on the song and artist. On the poster, I would like you to use your key words to describe the song and then tell me what the rap/song is about. Once you have done that, I would like you to research the artist who sings the song – this could include there age, where they are from and anything else you can find. Once you have done that, post your poster on the Year 5 Facebook page.

Have a brilliant half term and we will see you back on our screens in the new term.
Miss Counter

Good afternoon KS2
This weeks work is looking at bones and the skeletal system.
Some of you may have already covered some of this in science, if not, it is a good opportunity to do some research and get a head start for when you do.
It would be amazing to see some completed work and see how much we have learnt about the skeletal system.
I look forward to having a look!
Mr Welka
Label the Skeleton
Human Skeleton Crossword