Good morning everyone – please remember that this Friday is an INSET day.

WALT: solve subtraction questions
If you missed today’s live Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through.

WALT: write Kennings poems
Today we are looking at another type of poem, a Kennings poem. Watch the short video and then have a go at writing one yourself, try linking it to our topic ‘Extreme Environments’.

Log onto Reading Plus and have a go at a reading activity.

Lets practice this weeks spellings and handwriting – make sure you join those letters. Handwriting – Cursive


Today is safer internet day – we believe that this is a really important topic and if we were in school, we would be spending the afternoon exploring how to keep yourself safe online.
To start with watch this introductory video:

Next have a go at this quiz:

Watch this brilliant poem (it fits in perfect with our poetry week!)

Your task – either write your own staying safe poem or create a poster explaining to others the importance of staying safe in line.