Happy Friday!
The weeks are flying by… we will soon be back together!

Today’s live zoom Maths lesson is a quiz, consolidating our learning from the week. Below is the PowerPoint if you would like to have a go! There are no Maths tasks set for today, we ask that you take some time to get up to date with everything on MyMaths.

WALT: Edit and improve our writing
Well done to everyone who emailed work to their class teacher – you will have been given personalised feedback. Today we would like you to edit and improve your writing, focusing on the targets set by your teacher and then copy it up in your best handwriting. Please remember to share your writing with us so we can create a showcase.

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity – are you up to date? Have you completed 5 this week?

Have you completed all of this weeks SPaG activities – if not, spend today catching up.

This week is children’s mental health awareness week; this years theme is express yourself!

A little message from The Duchess of Cambridge, who works for children’s mental health charities.

WALT: explain why everyone is unique and understand why this should be celebrated and respected
Go through this PowerPoint, stopping it as you go along to complete the activities. Once you have finished there is a lovely sheet for you to have a go at the celebrates you!

You Are Unique Scenario Cards
Celebrating Me Activity Sheet