Good morning everyone – it is wonderful to see your work everyday – thank you for sharing!

WALT: identify fractions on a number line
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. After the lesson there is an activity set on MyMaths, again the first question is a recap, it’s the second question that links to today’s lesson.

WALT: write a diary entry
Today we will finish off our diary entries – watch the short video for instructions.
Once finished, rather than post on Facebook we are asking you to email it to your class teacher, where you will receive personalised feedback and ideas to help edit & improve it.

Log onto reading plus – are you keeping up to date? It is important you do as this replaces out daily guided reading lessons.

Try one of these mats – they are great practice for next year. SPAG Mat 5

WALT: design an experiment
This week in Science we are going to be designing our own experiment. First watch this YouTube clip to get some ideas…

Then watch this PowerPoint which shows you how to set out your work.