Happy Wednesday – keep going year 5, you have got this!

WALT: solve fraction word problems
IF you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we worked through. Once finished the lesson, have a go at one of the worksheets below and there is a short activity for you to complete on MyMaths.

Word Problems – Blue
Word Problems – Green & Pink
Word Problems – Purple

WALT: write a diary entry
Today’s lesson is continuing from yesterdays – we would like you to write the next 2 paragraphs of your diary entry – watch the vodeo carefully.

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity – who is up to date, we will be looking at our superstars tomorrow!

SPaG – Word Search

Hi Year 5,

Listen and describe the music to your adult/sibling. Don’t forget your key words.

I would like you on ‘compose with the song’ and then click ‘Treble Clef C’ (highlighted in blue) once you have done that, please click on ‘Rhythm grid’.  Once you have done that, please make sure you have clicked this button so the screen looks like this. Use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 to create different rhythms. You can press play to hear it with the music and change it to create different rhythms.


Miss Counter