Happy Monday everyone – we hope you had a relaxing weekend!
Who is ready for a brilliant week?

WALT: find fractions of amounts
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is today’s PowerPoint we worked through. After this lesson, we would like you to log onto MyMaths and complete the activity set – the first page is a recap of fractions we have already looked at the second is fractions of amounts.

The competition continues on TT Rockstar’s… Scores stand at 2:2… this week we have everything to play for…who will take this weeks point?

WALT: make notes
This week in English we are going to write our own diary entry using the skills for writing from last week. Today we would like you to watch the video and make notes – you will need these us use in your writing for the rest of the week.

Log onto Reading plus and complete an activity – remember this is to replace our guided reading lessons.

Here are this weeks spellings:

WALT: draw a volcano
Today we are going to try something a little different in Art and link it to our topic – Extreme Environments. Watch this video and see if you can work along to create a super picture of a Volcano.

WALT: understand and respond to action words
Mr Mulroy is very impressed with your French whilst learning at home – have a go at the sheet and if anyone is feeling brave today, how about filming yourself saying some of the French words/phrases we have learnt and share them on our FB page. French – 1.2.21