Good morning, year 3! We  hope you’re ready for another week of remote learning, we’re certainly ready for it!

Spelling: This week’s focus is words ending in ‘sion’. Here are this week’s spellings: Spellings

English: This week we are going to write a newspaper report about a gladiator battle in the Colosseum.
Read this WAGOLL: Newspaper WAGOLL
Answer these questions:
– What is the report about?
– When did the battle take place?
Look at some other examples of newspaper reports on here : First News Newspaper | What’s Inside | First News (scroll down and click on the different articles). What is similar about the newspaper reports?

Maths: Join Mr Hill for his maths Zoom at 12:30 details are the same always, get in touch if you need them again 🙂

Science:  Find the PowerPoint for science here:  <- copy and paste into your  browser.

French: This week’s focus is months of the year. Watch this video:  <- copy and paste into your browser
Then practise your pronunciation using this sheet and game:  French months Activity sheet
Same as with the days of the week, please pay attention to the fact that the months of the year do not start with a capital letter.
Post/send us videos so we can hear your pronunciation.

Have a wonderful day and get in touch if you need any support 🙂