Happy Friday!
Another super week year 5 – your resilience is incredible!

Here is the PowerPoint from today’s zoom Maths lesson – we had another quiz to consolidate our learning from the week! Have a go if you missed it!

Today we would like you to log onto MyMaths and make sure all activities are completed for this week!

Last day of the battle – who is going to take this weeks point???

WALT: use punctuation for parenthesis
We have looked at this skill as few times already in year 5 and it is a writing skill you will need to use next year. Watch the short video and then have a go at the worksheet below.

WALT; use punctuation fro parenthesis – 29.1.21

Log on to reading plus and complete a reading activity – have you done 5 sessions this week?

Have you completed all SPaG activities for this week?
If not, spend today catching up.

Yoga is a great way of relaxing the body and mind. Here is a video link to a fantastic site – Cosmic Kids. This video tells a story about ‘staying strong’ which is once of our PSHE topics. Have a go at the yoga to help relax yourself, but listen carefully to the hidden message in the story.
We would love to see you in action!