This week is flying by…well done for all your hard work so far!

WALT: add and subtract mixed numbers
For those that missed our live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we looked at.

There is a short activity to complete on MyMaths then have a go at one of these sheets:
Add Mixed Numbers – Green & Pink
Add Mixed Numbers – Purple
Subtract Mixed Numbers – Green & Pink
Subtract Mixed Numbers – Purple
Subtract Mixed Fractions – Mastery

WALT: write using different types of sentences
Different tyrpes of sentences can be tricky, however we have already looked at them in class.
Watch this PowerPoint (you will need to stop it in places at complete the activities) and write different types of sentences.

Relative clause – adds extra information to a sentence.
Subordanate clause – uses a subordinate conjunction to join two clauses together.

Log into Reading Plus and complete a reading activity – you should have done 4 by the end of today.

Have a go at one of these mats, they are great practice for next year – SPAG Mat 4

WALT: explore soluble and insoluble materials
Watch this video, fill in the gaps, and complete the quiz…

How many soluble/insoluble items can you find in your house? Make a list and send it in to us.

It would be great to see some photos of you checking to see if materials are soluble/insoluble.