Come on year 5, keep going, you have got this!

WALT: subtract fractions with different denominators
If you missed today’s live zoom Maths lesson, here is the PowerPoint we explored.

Here are today’s worksheets – dont worry if you find them hard, just try a few and we will be looking at them again tomorrow.
Subtract Fractions – Different Denominators – Green & Pink
Subtract Fractions – Different Denominators – Purple

TT Rockstar’s – It’s only Tuesday but so far 5C are leading the battle by 56 points! It is soooooo close!

WALT: write in the first person
Another skill when writing a diary entry is writing in the first person, because it is a recount of a personal experience. After watching the short video, re-write the sentences making sure they are written in the first person.

English worksheet – WALT write using the first person – 26.1.21

Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity.

Lets practice this weeks spellings and handwriting together – Handwriting Practice – Cursive

WALT: understand why earthquakes occur
First we would like you to read this short information text and then answer the questions – GR – Earthquakes

Now watch this PowerPoint presentation – you may need to spot it in places to read it carefully – then complete the activity. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.