Hi Year 5!

Your performance’s last week were brilliant and it was great to see you all getting involved!

For this weeks lesson, I would like you listen and appraise ‘Ready or not’ and describe the music using your key words – the key words are on the music page. Again, you can write your sentences down or you can record yourself describing the music and post it on the Year 5 Facebook page.

For your main task, I would like you to identify the notes that you are playing. Pause the video and spend some time figuring our the rhythm which you are clapping. Once you have done that, un pause the video and see if you have got it right. Chorus – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I would like you click ‘play your instruments’ and then click on the medium part. You will not be playing this on an instrument however, you will be clapping the rhythm out saying the notes along with it. Once you have done that task, I would like you to find objects around your house which you can tap the rhythms out on. If you can, try and find different objects with different pitches to tap the rhythm out to. Please post your videos on the Year 5 Facebook page so I am able to see your work.

I can’t wait to see what you find!

Miss Counter