Hi Year 3,

Last week I asked you to practice identifying notes. It is a skill which we started in September and one which I would like you to continue practicing at home.

The first thing I would like you to do is click on STEP 3 and listen and appraise ‘Small People’. Just like you have been doing, I would like you to describe the music using your key words. You can find the key words on the music page on the website. Write or record yourself describing the music and post it on the Year 3 Facebook Page.

Your main task this lesson is to identify the notes which you would be playing in the chorus. Using last weeks lesson of identifying notes, work your way through the chorus and I would like you to identify the notes. Three little birds Chorus

Once you have done that, I would like you to check your answers by clicking on the step ‘playing your instruments’ and click the medium part on the recorder. Clap along with the music so identify the rhythm. CHALLENGE: Find 2 objects around the house which has 2 different pitch’s and see if you can tap along with the music changing pitch.