Hi Year 2,

Last week we clapped our rhythm to ‘I Wanna Play in a Band’ and it was brilliant seeing everybody joining in.

Today you will need Step 3. Our starter task is to listen and describe ‘Smoke on the water’. I would like you to describe it using the words Pitch, Pulse and rhythm. I am going to introduce a new key work ‘Tempo’ – this means the speed of the song.  Please try and use this new key word in your description.

Following on from last week, we know that we would be playing notes F, G, C. I would like you to create your own rhythms up using the notes  F, G ,C. Use the video to help you.

If you are feeling brave you can record your rhythms and post it on to the Facebook page!

I am excited to see you all rhythms!

Miss Counter

Year 2 – I wanna play in a band