Good morning, year 3 🙂 We hope you’re well-rested after the weekend and ready for another week!


Reading: Continue with your account on Reading Plus – so many of you are working hard on there now and it’s amazing to see how well you’re doing!

English: This week we are going to get creative and write a story set in Roman times!
First, I want you to watch this video:   <- copy and paste into your browser
Then, I want you to answer these questions: The Fatal Fire questions
Finally, make a prediction: what do you think will happen in this story?


Join Mr Hill for his live maths lesson at 12:30. Details are the same as always, but here is a reminder:
ID: 745 2178 2796
Password: E18EGK

Read the powerpoint:  <- copy and paste this link into the browser
and complete the worksheets attached: Understand the dangers of UV light (or write out!) Picture and description of a form of protection and how it protects them from the sun rays and what it could prevent. (pictures and description on the powerpoint). Hat – sunstroke etc, long sleeves sunburn on skin etc etc.


Children to learn days of week: Learn French – Days of the week in French – French Lessons – YouTube . Could they post a clip of them practising the vocabulary again? Please point out that in the French language, days of the week do not have a capital letter.
Here is a wordsearch for anyone who likes to print off work: wordsearch

Have a great day and please show us all of your amazing work 🙂
Miss Adams and Mr Hill