Happy Friday!
How fast are the weeks going…we will soon be back in class!

Here is the PowerPoint from today’s zoom Maths lesson – we had another quiz to consolidate our learning from the week! Have a go if you missed it!

Today we would like you to log onto MyMaths and make sure all activities are completed for this week!

Last day of the battle – who is going to take this weeks point???

Independent application – today we would like you to use your personal feedback to edit & improve yesterdays newspaper report, then copy it up in your best handwriting. Remember to send us your work so we can create a gallery showing off what wonderful writers you are!

Log into Reading Plus and complete a reading activity. We would like every child to complete this 5 times a week, as that is how many times we would read and answer questions in class as part of our Guided Reading sessions.

Have you completed all SPaG activities for this week?
If not, spend today catching up.

Why do some people believe God exists?
We began exploring this question in class, today we would like you to research why people believe in the Christian God. Watch this short PowerPoint and use the links below to help you with your work.





Once you have found out all the information, present your findings in a poster!