It is really important that whilst we are not at school, we complete all of the remote learning work set for us to do at home, as well as logging onto our daily zoom session. Zoom is the only way we can teach phonics due to copyright and phonics for Reception is SO important! If you can not attend a zoom session, or complete remote learning for some reason – you must inform your teacher. Don’t worry – we know that technical problems happen sometimes!

So many of you have completed EVERY piece of work, and we are so so proud of you! Well done to those superstars!
It makes Mrs Palmer very happy filling in all of those ticks when she is marking of the children who have completed each task and logged onto zoom!

From next week, we will be doing a Lockdown Learner of the week award! Children that complete every piece of work and attend every zoom session (unless a valid reason has been provided), will be entered into a prize draw. At the end of the week, a name will be chosen at random and a certificate and prize will be sent to you!

Good luck lockdown superstars!