Super work this week year 5!

Yesterday’s Maths was very tricky, like in class we often spend a few days in order for everyone to achieve the WALT. Today we will be going through the method used to add fractions with different denominators again and then asking everyone to have a go at one of the sheets below. If you missed the live zoom lesson, here is the PowerPoint.

Add Fractions – Blue
Add fractions – Green & Pink – UPDATED
Add fractions – Purple

TT Rockstar’s battle continues…who will take this weeks point?

WALT: write a newspaper report
Using your plan from yesterday, we would like you to write a newspaper report. Once it is finished, please email it to your class teacher and they will give you personalised feedback ready for tomorrows English lesson.

You can use this template to write it into – it may help with the structure! Newspaper Report – Write up

Log onto reading plus and complete a reading activity

Please complete the sheet below, it is great practice for next year! SPAG Mat 3

As last weeks Science lesson was disturbed by the snow – lets try again!

WALT: explore thermal conductors and insulators

First watch this video:

Then see if you can complete this quiz:

For an extra challenge find some items in your house which conduct/insulate heat.
You could make a list or send us some pictures.