Happy Wednesday! We’re half way through another week 🙂
Here are all the links to today’s learning:
Spelling: Same as yesterday, cover the word, let your child have a go at spelling it.

Reading: Reading plus – it’s great to see how well the children are doing on there, well done year 3!

English: Today, I would like you to do some research about the Roman army – ready for your writing later this week.
First, watch this video: Roman army – KS2 History – BBC Bitesize
Then, https://youtu.be/M3kLGVbJkHE    <- copy and paste this link into the browser
Finally, I’d like you to complete this research: Roman army research    (This sheet is just here to show you how to present your work. Please don’t worry if you can’t print it off, just write out your work the way it is on the sheet.)
Use these websites for research:
History of Ancient Rome for Kids: The Roman Army and Legion (ducksters.com)
What was life like in the Roman army? – BBC Bitesize

Maths: Live lesson at 12:30 – please get in touch if you still need some help getting logged on – details are on yesterday’s post.

Art: Draw a Roman shield with decorations and detail. You can use felts, pencils, pastels etc.
I’ve put in a few examples on the sheet: Design a Roman Shield (1)
Here is a link for how to draw a simple sword for any strugglers!


Have a great day and please show us your amazing work 🙂