Good afternoon Year 6!

I hope you have had a successful first week of remote learning and you are all accessing the work!

Last week was our first lesson on BandLab, where we practiced logging into BandLab and exploring the different loop packs that we could choose from. For today’s lesson, we need to log in again using the link below, and open our project from last week –

Hopefully, you found a loop pack which you enjoyed listening to. Now that we have our loop pack, we can start building our project. We need to start with a bass line. This will be a repeated melody throughout the song so we will need to learn the skill copy and paste – this will make our life a little easier having this skill.

Please could I ask all pupils to email me their username in order for me to see how you are getting on with your work. I will be able to see any extra projects you decide to do as well.  Follow the video below to help you with today’s lesson and if you have any problems, please email me

Look forward to hearing your projects!

Miss Counter