English: Create Sentences

Using your innovated text map, create 3 simple sentences.

Use Mrs Palmer’s examples on her worksheet to help you.
You will need to write about your animal this time, not the frog. Mrs Palmer has included some ideas of other things that you could change in your story and write about in your sentences on her PowerPoint.

Parents and carers – we appreciate that all children work at different levels. In school, we would differentiate this in different ways, here are some ideas:

– Children to independently write the sentence (they can use their phonics as best they can to spell).
– Children to orally compose the sentence and overwrite the sentence or spellings that they are unable to sound out.
– Children to orally compose the sentence and you write the words, cut them up, and then they can order it back together.
– Children to orally compose the sentence and the adult scribes (here we would encourage children to draw pictures alongside or try to form initial sounds, e.g. c for cat.

Good luck Reception, you will be fab!
We can’t wait to see your fantastic writing.

Tuesday – Write Sentences PP

Tuesday – Write sentences worksheet