Happy Monday everyone – here’s to another great week!

WALT: convert improper fractions
Here is today’s PowerPoint that was delivered through our live zoom lesson. Remember there is an independent task to complete on MyMaths.

UPDATE – Try this sheet – Improper Fractions

TT Rockstar battle continues… it is all to play for!

WALT: write quotes
Today we are going to practice writing quotes – these are an important feature of a newspaper report, as they give a personal and different point of view to the report.

Reading – Log onto Reading Plus and complete a reading activity. Please take your time to read each text carefully, as you need to score over 80% on the reading comprehension to be able to level up.

SPAG – This weeks spellings:

Art & French
Mr Mulroy is loving all your art work – he is very impressed!
Today we would like to to research Van Gogh’s life and present the information as creatively as possible – flash cards, timeline, PowerPoint are just a few ideas for you!

Here is this weeks French worksheet – French 18.1.21

Ch: Could you sing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in French?
Practice at home, and post any videos if you’re feeling brave!!!