Good afternoon year 4,

I hope you’re all well, keeping safe and enjoying the bits of snow we are having!

It is fantastic to see the majority of you accessing the music work and those children will be joining the other year groups being my ‘Stars of the Week’ – These children will get 3 house points each!

Last lesson we did our listening and we learnt the song ‘Stop!’. When you were listening to the song, you should have identified the song being about bullying, therefore our rap that we create is going to be about bullying.

Our first step is to create a mind map about bullying. If you follow Miss Counter’s video below, you will be able to get some idea’s to start you off. I would like you to think about:
– What is bullying?
– Why people might bully?
– Different ways that people bully?
– How does this make us feel?
– Who can we talk to about bullying?
This should create a full mind map which we can then use for our next step, next week. Please can you post your mind maps on the Year 4 Facebook page so I can see how we have got on.  Remember, even though this is a mind map, we still need to make sure our handwriting, spelling and presentation is correct – You know Miss Counter has high expectations.

I look forward to seeing your mind maps full of ideas!

Miss Counter 🙂